Friday, September 19, 2008

"...'tis a consumation devoutly to be wished."

Deny me if you will.
It might be wise
To cage the lust that stalks my heart.
That two-backed beast
Could rend our lives
(Kamikazi head-on rendevous
with the little death,
The hereafter be damned)

Deny me if you can.
I can't deny
The catch in my throat
When you first pass me by.
(Perfect red cupids' bow smiling
Like a whipcrack sear across my crotch,
Hips rolling with a sultry grace
That speaks of softer pleasure)

Deny me if you must.
It might be wise
To bank the blaze that burns us both.
Love like fire sometimes sears
That meant only to warm
And so consumes what fed it.
(If we dove into each other,
Would either ever surface?)

Deny me if you want.
Our minds have met
The way bodies rarely do,
My lover in all but deed.
You can't deny me my blue dreams.
(Long supple flanks, the lovers' clasp,
My tongue deep inside your mouth
As we climax on each other)

Deny me if you will.
The days grow short
While we thrust and parry,
Fencing with the fated.

Your virtue mocks your wants,
My longing mocks my dreams

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